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Compete to win prize money for your favorite Catholic organization.   Register online to compete in the Catholic Challenge Teen Edition.   For ages 13-19.

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Marriage Rx: Married to a Catholic in Name Only

  What if your husband isn’t interested in being the family’s spiritual leader? My husband Dr. Manny Santos and I discuss ways to attract your husband to the faith while minimizing obstacles (like kids who would rather play than pay … Continue reading

Daily Reflections

Daily Mass Readings and reflection for 10/28/16 from an archive of The Living Bread Radio Network.

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  • STS. SIMON AND JUDE – APOSTLES – OCTOBER 28 October 28, 2016
    The surname of the “Canaanean” and the “Zealot”  was given to St. Jude to distinguish him from St. Peter and St. Simeon.  According to some the title Zealot was given to him because of his great zeal.  Others say from his belonging to a sect (among the Jews) known as Zealots.  It is supposed that […]
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