Catholic Challenge

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Compete to win prize money for your favorite Catholic organization.   Register online to compete in the Catholic Challenge Teen Edition.   For ages 13-19.

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Marriage Rx: Married to a Catholic in Name Only

  What if your husband isn’t interested in being the family’s spiritual leader? My husband Dr. Manny Santos and I discuss ways to attract your husband to the faith while minimizing obstacles (like kids who would rather play than pay … Continue reading

Daily Reflections

Daily Mass Readings and reflection for 10/26/16 from an archive of The Living Bread Radio Network.

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  • ST. DEMETRIUS – MARTYR – OCTOBER 26 October 26, 2016
    According to legendary history, St. Demetrius was a citizen of Salonika.  He was arrested for proclaiming his faith.  He was detained in a room of public baths awaiting a trial and was slain without a trial.  This occurred during the persecution of Diocletian at Sirmium in Dalmatia.  After his death, Leontius, a prefect of Illyria, […]
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