Fr Larry Richards & Fr John Riccardo

Fr John Riccardo is heard at 10am on Monday, Wednesday and Fridays. His program is produced by Ave Maria Radio. For a copy of today’s program call 734-930-4506, and give them the program number at the end of the show, or tell them the air date that you heard it on Living Bread Radio.

Fr Larry Richards broadcast schedule for Tuesday and Thursdays at 10am on the Living Bread Radio Network. His talks may be purchased from The Reason For Our Hope Foundation by clicking HERE. Or call 1-814-455-7364


12/27/16 Mystery of Jesus’ Obedience
12/29/16 Christ Had To Suffer
1/3/17 Jesus Died and Rose
1/5/17 The Holy Spirit (Part 2)
1/10/17 The Church (Part 2)
1/12/17 Life Everlasting
1/17/17 How To Pray
1/19/17 How To Read The Bible
1/24/17 How To Get More Out Of Mass
1/26/17 How To Get More Out Of Confession
1/31/17 How To Live What You Believe
2/2/17 How To Grow In Love Of Others
2/7/17 Repentance
2/9/17 Lordship Of Jesus
2/14/17 Discipleship
2/16/17 Servanthood
2/21/17 Loving “The Least of These”
2/23/17 Holiness
2/28/17 The Truth