Men and Women United for Life

mwlifeMen and Women United for Life, a pro-life group in the Diocese of Youngstown, began four years ago, when a group of women gathered together to discuss ways to promote the sanctity of life for all people, but especially the unborn. Men were invited to join the group in 2010.

Members recognize that prayer is the greatest weapon against all threats to human life. Through daily prayer, members pray for unborn babies and their parents who may be facing an unplanned pregnancy.

Through education, members learn about life issues through email messages and by attending presentations by both local and national pro-life speakers.

Through our outreach program, members work closely with teachers and Youth Ministers in presenting programs that focus on character development, making right decisions, and living a chaste lifestyle. We provide religious and pro-life educational materials or the teens at no cost to the Church or group. Outreach efforts also include reaching out to the larger community by supporting Diocesan pro-life programs and the local pregnancy help centers.

Men and Women United for Life is open to membership to all people from age 13 and older. Although our identity is strongly Catholic, all people who value the sanctity of life are invited to come to our presentations and become part of the group.

If you would like to join or would like to have a team of presenters speak to your group, please contact Natalie Wardle, ST. Charles Youth Minister at 330-758-0375 or Judy Welsh at 330-718-7746. Presentations can be tailored to meet the needs and interests of your group. Let us work together to build up the culture of life in our community and in our country.