Instant Picnic Prep

sharonblogInstant Picnic Prep. Think this to be impossible? Not so says A Servant’s Apron. A luscious lineup can appear in your basket and ice chest with little effort and nearly no time.

You are sure to love this menu.

BARBEQUE CHICKEN happens out of two purchased rotisserie chickens cut up and gently heated on a hot grill. Do buy chickens close to serving time to prevent altering the flavor due to needing to refrigerate them. This way you can skip refrigeration.

BAKED BEANS appear from two large cans of store baked beans and a cup of thawed frozen onions browned in some oil. Sprinkle one TBSP of powdered instant coffee over the bean mixture and heat to simmering on the stove or in the microwave in your serving dish. These are rich and delicious. Use the vegetarian beans or those with added pork if you prefer.

TOSSED SALAD arrives on the picnic scene out of two bags of pre-washed favorite salad greens. Store – bought chopped salad bar offerings and a large bottle of your favorite dressing pulls it all together.

POTATO SALAD pops up from nowhere using cubed, frozen hash brown potatoes prepped simply by piercing the bag several times and microwaving on HIGH for 6 min.; Shake the bag then return to the ‘wave for another 6 minutes. Open the bag carefully and place potatoes in a serving bowl to cool. You can purchase hard – cooked eggs from the grocery store or Deli counter and slice and chop them quickly with a wire cheese slicer. Once again pre-cut salad bar offerings do their duty, like celery, onion, tomatoes, bacon bits, cheeses. .. Use your imagination to go ethnic in flavor profile if you like. Your favorite salad dressing comes to the rescue here as well.

DESSERT almost mystically shows up to save the day as a FRUIT SALAD which can double as itself or as a fruit and cake dessert. Here we go back to the grocery salad bar – or you can use canned pie fillings served over sliced Pound or Angel food cake. Your friends and family might want the recipe for that luscious ice box dessert you made. Only you know there was no recipe required – and you choose the flavor combinations. Dessert heaven invites all to partake when purchased, plain (un-frosted) brownies, or other plain small snack cakes are layered in a 9″ x 13″ baking dish or pan with canned pudding and whipped topping, combined with a can of sweetened condensed milk. Use the large whipped topping container and reserve a third of it to spread evenly over the top. Sprinkle chopped nuts or your favorite chopped candy on top. This dessert is best made a day ahead to soften especially store bought brownies. Know that you have not baked at all, but “Little Debby” did it for you.

A Servant’s Apron is sure this was a fun and tasty challenge for you, but know that you will never be daunted by another picnic plan or invitation.