Epiphany – The Feast of the Three Kings

The wise men did not simply seek Him, they were the first to recognize Jesus as messiah.

As the Magi strove to find the newborn king, may the Feast of the Epiphany find us not only seeking out Christ each day of our life, but actually recognizing Him as Priest, Prophet, King, and Messiah.

As the Magi renounced their magical idolatrous practices in the infant face of God incarnate, may we renounce whatever worldly idols have thickened the veil between us and Christ.

As the Magi blessed the Holy Family with their humility and homage, may our families be blessed with humility and may we keep the adoration of Christ at the center of everything we do this year.

(source: http://thecatholicrealist.com/2014/01/03/wise-men-still-seek-him/)