Pray for One Nation Under God


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At the request of the pope, Catholics used to pray after Mass for the conversion of Russia–or so we have often heard.   This custom has long since been discontinued.   Whenever it comes to my mind, however, I wonder if it should be revived in a new form.   Should Catholics today pray after Mass  for the conversion of America?   Or, if the Holy Father (for understandable reasons) would not want to single out the United States in this way, could the Bishops of the United States at least encourage their flocks to pray after Mass for the conversion of their country?   Such a custom would seem to promise certain educational and spiritual benefits.

The educational benefits would be as follows.    Publicly calling for such prayer would remind American Catholics that America is no longer a Christian nation, or at least not in any sense  or to any extent that a faithful Catholic could consider satisfactory….
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