Fr. Calloway speaks of God’s Tremendous Mercy

at Little Flower Parish in Canton, Ohio

Molly Romano comments on Fr. Calloway’s presentation:

fr calloway speaks about God's mercy

I just heard the most outstanding talk tonight at Little Flower Parish. Over 600 people laughed, cried and learned as Fr. Calloway talked about his youth and about becoming a Priest. Thank you Fr. Wehrlin thank you Lori Zimmer most of all thank you Fr. Calloway for saying yes to becoming a Priest and for sharing your story. If you heard Fr. Calloway tonight, share your thoughts, so others are inspired! — with Lori Zimmer   and Fr. Don Calloway  ..

In the photo (l-r): Fr. Leo Wehrlin, Lori Zimmer, Fr. Don Calloway and Molly Romano

For more about Fr. Calloway, please check out his website:

The event was co-sponsored by Living Bread Catholic Radio