Prayer for Unity 2018

Christian Unity

The Reformation changed much in the life of the Church. As scripture shows, it is important not to be limited by what happened in the past, but rather to allow the Holy Spirit to open us to a new future in which division is overcome and God’s people are made whole.

Your Right Hand, O Lord, Glorious in Power (Exodus 15:6) is an appropriate theme for celebrating the Week of Prayer for Christian Unity in 2018. Contemporary challenges again threaten to enslave and destroy the dignity of the human person created in the image and likeness of God. The unity Christ in His body, the Church, is often obscured by both personal sin and social structures of sin. The right hand of God that brought the people out of slavery, gave continued hope and courage to the Israelites, as it continues to bring hope to those seeking Christian Unity.


Daily Scripture and Prayer Guide for the Week