Have You Ever Wondered #9

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Welcome back to my series of blogs titled, “Have you ever wondered?”   All of the blogs in this series have begun with and continue to ask the big questions, “Who am I?”   “Do I have a purpose?”   “Do I have a final destiny?” and if so, “How do I get there?”

In my last blog I encouraged you to be attentive to the voice of Jesus as He speaks to you through your own heart, through other people, and in various situations.   By listening to Jesus and saying “yes” to His invitations to love in every situation you open the door for Him to lead you to the primary call given to you by God from all eternity.

If you have not yet responded to either the call to marriage, to the committed single life, to the ordained clergy if you are a young man, or to consecrated life possibly as a religious sister, brother or priest, then live each day as fully as possible with one ear to the present moment and the other ear to where this moment might be leading you in your quest to discover your primary call.   Let your request be: “Lord, lead me to the path that you marked out for me.   Help me discover the particular path where I may love as you have loved.”

Make no mistake, such a recipe for life will fill you with great joy, and lead you to make a positive difference in the lives of all whom you encounter.   As a married person, those particular lives will be first and foremost, your spouse and children.   As a committed single person, those particular lives will be the special persons God has entrusted to your care.   As a vowed religious, those lives will be your community members and those to whom you minister.  And as a priest, those lives will be the People of God in your parish or special ministry.