Have You Ever Wondered? #8

inspiration test

Welcome back to my series of blogs titled, “Have you ever wondered?”   All of the blogs in this series have begun with and continue to ask the big questions,     Did you ever wonder, “Who am I?”   “Do I have a purpose?”   “Do I have a final destiny?” and if so, “How do I get there?”   Or have you ever wondered, “Why is it that I am never satisfied?”   “How is it that just when I get the newest smart phone my ecstatic high is so short-lived that I find myself craving for something more?”

Well hopefully that “wonder” will lead to action and of course some answers.   The action means going to the Source for the answers… Jesus.   Direct those (your) questions to Jesus.   We call that prayer… then listen.

Listening requires that you move into each day with joy, a desire to do your duty, a plan to make at least one person’s life a little brighter each day, and a perceptive heart that recognizes God’s presence and Word coming to you through all of the people and events that you encounter each day.   In between these “God encounters” these “Jesus moments” take a one minute station break and ask, “Lord, what is it that you are trying to tell me?   What do you want me to learn from this?   What should be my response?”    Then, no matter what you hear, say, “Thank you, Lord.”     Smile to your self and smile even more to the next person God puts in your life.