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“We-Time” Is Better Than “Me-Time”

Long weekends are the perfect time to follow Pope Francis’ now famous (and often-repeated) advice to “waste time with your children.” Introverts like me definitely need to be reminded that fun time doesn’t have to be alone time. Working for … Continue reading

Daily Reflections

Daily Mass Readings and reflection for 06/26/16 from the archives of the Living Bread Radio library.

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  • STS. JOHN AND PAUL: JUNE 26 June 26, 2016
    John and Paul were brothers and probably martyred in Rome.  That is all that is known of them.  The rest is legend–as follows:  They were army officers assigned to Constantia, the daughter of Emperor Constantine.  On an expedition under Gallicanus, they told him that seemingly sure defeat by the Scythians could be won if he […]