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Flowers for Mary as Mediatrix of All Graces

There’s something irresistible about flowers to my young children. I notice it the moment they can walk: they aim for the dandelions and, wobbling, grasp the stem in their chubby hands. Their first reaction, bloom in hand, is to hand … Continue reading

Daily Reflections

Daily Mass Readings and reflection for 05/27/18 from Fr Kevin Shemuga, from Our Lady of Guadalupe parish in Macedonia, Ohio.

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  • ST. PHILIP NERI – PRIEST: MAY 26 May 26, 2018
    Born in Florence in 1515, he was known for his obedience toward his parents.  At age 18 after finishing his classical studies, he was sent to San Germano to pursue a business career.  He had a mystical experience which turned him to the religious life.  He went to Rome where he tutored two sons of […]
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