Power of the Bead

The Living Bread Radio Network is launching its very first video-only series for social media. The show, entitled The Power of the Bead, will be available on the stations Facebook page and YouTube channel. The program will focus on the history of the Rosary, the graces received while praying it, and which saints had a particular devotion to it. The Power of the Bead airs every Thursday at 3 PM beginning on Thursday, October 3 and will include eight episodes (two for each mystery of the Rosary).

“Our station staff is always working on exciting projects and finding innovative ways to spread the word of Jesus Christ,” said Barbara Gaskell, president of the Living Bread Radio Network.

T.O. Bennett will serve as the host of the program. She has been with the station for several years working on other programming like Catholic Challenge and Catholic Close-Up. Each week she will delve into a new theme and share the rich history of the Rosary in the Church. The mysteries of the Rosary (Luminous, Sorrowful, Glorious and Joyful) will change each week so that viewers can learn about the various events in the life of Christ.

“Daily praying of the Rosary will change the world. If only we did it. We could change the world through prayer and following Mary’s request. This program will help people learn more about why we pray it and truly what it means,” said Gaskell