Donation Options

Living Bread Radio is a not-for-profit, 501(c)3 organization. We are a listener supported Catholic Radio Station. Living Bread Radio receives no diocesan or government money. Our expenses are $20,000 per month or $240,000 per year. Your donation is vital  to the survival of Catholic Radio in Northeast Ohio. Thank you for your donation. The Lord will not be outdone in generosity.


Donate By MAIL
Checks should be made to “Living Bread Radio” and sent to:
Living Bread Radio Network
4365 Fulton Dr. NW
Canton, OH 44718

Thank you for your interest in investing in the mission of Living Bread Radio.
Every gift, small or large, is important.

Monthly Gifts – Electronic Funds Transfer: Make giving easy for you, easy for us
With E-Giving, you don’t have to worry about remembering to write that check and your investment in this ministry goes straight to work, changing hearts and saving lives.   The transfer is set up through a credit card or your checking or savings account.
Join the many who are supporting Living Bread Radio every month through electronic funds transfer. Your support makes all the difference. Contact us at 888-966-2903
Matching Gifts Program
Maximize your gift!   Many employers  have a matching gift program that can maximize the impact of  charitable contributions by employees and retirees. Specific details about your matching gift program can be obtained through the Human Resource office at your work place. It’s that simple to double your contribution to your local Catholic Radio Station – Living Bread Radio.
Memorial Donations
Another way to support Living Bread Radio is through memorial giving. It allows you to honor family or friends, living or deceased, while helping to support the station. Gifts can be made in celebration of a special occasion, such as an anniversary, birthday, retirement or other special reason.  Notification is made to the family of the individuals being honored.  

Apostle Member
Apostle Members are vital members of the Living Bread Radio Family who are dedicated to the mission of “faithfully broadcasting the message of Jesus Christ” Your $25,000 commitment can be given over a three year period.

Tower Club Member
Purchase a foot of God’s Towers in your name or the name of a loved one!
Each Foot: $1,000 (paid monthly, quarterly or one time) 
St. Raphael Tower – $1,000 Gift
St. Gabriel   Tower –   SOLD!
St. Michael Tower – SOLD!


Living Bread Radio Family Member

Gifts of any amount automatically qualify you as a member of the Living Bread Radio Family. Gifts can be made  monthly or in lump-sum amount.
For just a dollar a day, you can provide outstanding Catholic Radio programming  throughout NE Ohio!

$120 or $10/month

$240 or $20/month
$360 or $30/month (“Dollar-a-Day “)
$480 or $40/month


Other Donation Options

Donate Your Vehicle
Regardless of age, condition or value, that car could be worth a lot more as a tax deduction than you ever imagined, not to mention the money of the sale of your car would be going to your favorite radio station.       Read more…

Gifts – In-Kind

Donations of technology, equipment, furniture, and other items relevant to the needs of the station and in good condition are welcome. The donor through appraisal or record of purchase determines gift value.   Read more…