Perhaps the Living Bread Radio Network played a role in your conversion or that of a friend or loved one.  Maybe our programming has brought you back to the Catholic faith.  You might be one of the many who benefit from our live radio programs, locally produced shows or our streaming audio to your Smartphone.

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What People Are Saying About Living Bread Radio

From Our Listeners………

I live in Madison Kansas and found your website when I was surfing on my computer for a Catholic Radio website and now I can listen to the homily’s everyday and I love to sing the Chaplet of Divine Mercy everyday from your webpage. I am also glad to know your website has the Sunday Mass. Gail, Madison, Kansas

Dear Living Bread Radio, Keep up the good wok. Useful, entertaining, educational programming. Uplifting too! – thank you note from listener

I am so thankful for you and include you in my prayers – Priscilla, Akron

Many thanks for the programs every day. I get a lot of good from them. – Pat, Massillon

I really enjoy Living Bread Radio on FM in Youngstown. Thank you for doing such a good job. – John in Youngstown

Congratulations for 10 years of bringing the truth to Northeast Ohio. May God continue to bless your work for many years to come. – Canton

Keep up the good work!! I help with RCIA so the programs help me present the faith to new comers and strengthens my understanding of it. It is my “companion”on the road and on the journey through life. – Arlene, Canton

The celebration Mass for your anniversary was beautiful and inspiring. Congratulations. Our community is blessed to have you. This is a true role model of evangelization. – Jim & Sandy, North Canton

HOW A BUMPER STICKER CHANGED MY LIFE (partially taken from our essay contest)

I was born and raised Catholic and to this day I consider it the greatest gift that my parents have entrusted me with from birth. Not that I have always viewed my faith in this light, but now thanks to the grace of God I have a true understanding, love and appreciation for my faith.

I began associating with the wrong crowd, listening to debased rock and rap music, going to parties with friends, watching immoral movies, spewing obscenities and being outright disrespectful of my parents and other authorities; is there really any question why or how I rapidly began to lose my faith. I was headed for a disaster if left to my own means or guided by those just as confused as myself, thanks a lot “friends”. Anyone who knew me at that time (6-8 years ago) would readily agree that I am a totally different person today, than I was then. So you may be tempted to ask, if my parents raised me in the faith, what happened that caused me to falter in it? To give a short answer to that question; SIN. Sin is what caused me to abandon with sinful actions and fall in to the grasp of moral relativism where I no longer saw the problem with sinful actions, thoughts or views, but rather following the belief of the status quo, everyone else is doing it so it must be okay, and that is where you try and find comfort when you are living in such a way. It was a gradual digression in that I didn’t just wake up one morning and quit practicing my faith, it was a rather a :slow fade” in which I allowed unrepentant sin to accumulate and slowly my standards began to disappear completely. Within a short amount of time things that I never would have dreamed about doing years before I was doing without even giving a second thought to. I CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH HOW LOST I WAS AT THAT POINT IN MY LIFE! There was a serious void in my heart and no matter what attempts I made to fill the emptiness (partying, drinking, music, working out, girlfriends, entertainment, etc.) it only left me feeling even emptier. Looking back, those few years were hands down the lowest part of my life. I WAS MISERABLE. Nothing this world had to offer could seem to fill my need for happiness, it was all fleeting. As St. Augustine rightly states, “You have created us for yourself, O Lord. And our heart is restless until it rests in you”. Anyone who is in the position will be able to relate what I just said.

I was driving to work as was my usual routine and on the car in front of me I happened to notice a bumper sticker that read, “1060 AM Catholic Radio The Truth for Northeast Ohio“.     I remember as if it were yesterday because to this day that bumper sticker is displayed on my car. So anyways I remember thinking to myself, ‘I never knew there was a Catholic station, I wonder what THEY have to say’. It was purely out of curiosity that drew me into listening. And once I began listening I couldn’t stop because I began to recognize the truths of my faith, and a lot of questions I once had began dissolving; things began making sense. And I began listening daily.

My fiance and I began to talk about faith related matters and really experienced a spiritual connection. We both knew we needed to change the way we were living and make a true commitment to Christ. So it was the night or eve of our wedding that we took the final step in coming back to the Church and a commitment to turn our lives around.     That night we both went to the Sacrament of Confession and her and I (by the grace of God) completely erased all of the baggage and accumulated sin that had strangled the life out or my soul.  After that Confession I was spiritually restored to life and I was finally able to clearly and spiritually prepare for the greatest commitment of my life, awaiting me the very next morning. What an immense peace that was to experience Christ’s forgiveness for years of sinful living. We wed the very next day in the presence of Christ, our family and friends and were once again able to partake of the Blessed Sacrament and a momentous day to finally do so.

But that’s not where the story ends, but only begins. Like I previously said, it was after confession that I was able to clearly “see” again. I knew the NEED to live my faith. Shortly after our first child was born, and being a new father the need to take my faith seriously was becoming increasingly apparent.   I began taking little steps to grow in my faith, I began watching EWTN and studying on the internet, going to Eucharistic adoration, reading the bible and of course listening to Catholic radio daily. I found myself yearning for more. I not only needed to know my faith to be able to hand it on to my children, I needed to know it for my own well being. And I deeply desired to obtain greater knowledge of my faith.

I sometimes think about where I would be today had I not had this providential encounter, one can only speculate, but given the direction my life was taking, my path was less than promising, to say the least. And that is why I am so immensely grateful to Catholic radio, and am such a strong promoter of it. Since it is such a huge part of my life I often wonder how anyone could learn or grow in their faith without it.     It has helped me to understand my faith and in turn go forth and share it with others. I carry 1060 business cards along with me every day and whenever I am given the opportunity to evangelize co-workers, friends, or others after a conversation I will leave them with a card and write specific show recommendations on the back. I mail 1060 cards along with my bill payments, I have links to Living Bread radio on sites.

Now I teach 8th grade PSR at our parish, and I eventually would like to have a degree in theology in order to teach at most likely the high school level or in some other ministry.     I just have a passion for reaching out to the youth (or any for that means) and helping them to realize the faith is relevant and is necessary and it is ultimately FULFILLING! There really is nothing that can replace the presence of God in your life. I hope that my return to my faith may be helpful to you and I hope that you too will open your heart to the calling of Jesus in your life. If there is anything I can share or anyway I can help, please feel free to contact me, I would be so grateful to help in whatever way I can. Thank you for allowing me to share this with you and may God Bless you!

Yours in Christ,

“I feel I’ve learned more about faith and the Catholic traditions by listening to WILB. Also, I feel more able to defend my faith. -listener, e-mail