Prayers for America


Fr. John Riccardo, from Our Lady of Good Counsel in Plymouth, Michigan and a regular on Catholic radio, is inviting his parish – and everyone else – to join in a weekly fast and prayer for the USA.

Fast and Pray for the USA

prayer for americaFr. John points out that the only remedy for what ails our nation is to turn to God with fasting, repentance, and prayer. Fr. John proposes that for the remainder of the calendar year we fast each Wednesday  then break the fast with reception of the Holy Eucharist during the evening Mass, if possible, or with dinner.

Watch Fr. John Riccardo’s message on YouTube:

Hear this (July 31st) and other great homilies on Fr. John Riccardo’s library:

If you cannot fast from food all day until dinner, fast from something else – like facebook, texting, television, coffee or something else that makes it a form of penance for you and repentance for our country.

May God bless all of us in America with the grace of conversion.