Life Line

Life Line is a show designed to educate and inform you on current events in the pro-life movement, and calls each and every one of us to take action to protect the sanctity of life in all stages, with interviews and guests from around the corner and around the country.

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Life Line Show 244: Fr Ovidiu Marginean

Today's guest is Fr Ovidiu Marginean; he talks with Melinda about the Romanian Catholic Church.

Life Line Show 243: Fr Don Calloway

Today's guest is Fr Don Calloway; we'll hear about his conversion story. Find out more about Father Calloway on his website

Life Line Show 242: Denver Sallee

Today's guest is Denver Sallee; President of Lake County Right to Life.

Life Line Show 241: Dr William Theirfelder

Today's guest is Dr William Theirfelder

Life Line Show 238: Melissa Pena

Today's guest is Melissa Pena, Development Director of the American Life League. Their website is

Life Line Show 240: Pastor Walter Moss

Today's guest is Pastor Walter Moss. He talks about his book "Why I am a Black Pro-life Pastor". To order a copy of his book email him at

Life Line Show 239: Eileen Murray

Today's guest is Eileen Murray; Executive Director of Womankind. More information about Womankind can be found on their website at

Life Line Show 237: Alex Schadenberg

Today's guest is Alex Schadenberg; Executive Director of the Euthanasia Prevention Coalition.

Life Line Show 235: Fr Paul Check

Today's guest is the Executive Director of Courage International, Fr Paul Check. Information about Courage can be found at their website

Life Line Show 234: Kitty Cleveland

Today's guest is singer/songwriter and inspirational speaker Kitty Cleveland. Her website is

Life Line Show 233: Mark Crutcher

Today's guest is Mark Crutcher president of Life Dynamics. His website can be found at

Life Line Show 232: Trent Horn

Today's guest is Catholic speaker and apologist Trent Horn. His website is

Life Line Show 236: Jesse Romero

Today's guest is Jesse Romero. Jesse talks about living our your Catholic faith. His website is

Life Line Show 231: Dr Edward Furton

Today's guest is Dr Edward Furton, Director of Publications and Ethicist, from The National Catholic Bioethics Center.

Life Line Show 230: Mark Tripodi

Today's guest is Mark Tripodi, Executive Director of Cornerstone of Hope a Center for grieving children, teens and adults

Life Line Show 229: Sr Merilee

Today's guest is Sr Merilee from The Congregation of the Divine Spirit.

Life Line Show 228: Darlene Pawlik

Today's guest is Darlene Pawlik, we will hear her testimony and she talks about

Life Line Show 227: John Henry Crosby

Today's guest is John Henry Crosby co-founder of the Hildebrand project.

Life Line Show 226: Sr Joyce Candidi

Today's guest Sr Joyce Candidi will talk about the Beatification of Mother Maria Teresa Casini,foundress of the Oblate Sisters of the Sacred Heart, and her miraculous connection to Youngstown Ohio.

Life Line Show 224: John Henry Westen

Today's guest is John Henry Westen co-founder and editor-in-chief of

Life Line Show 222: Cary Dabney

Today's guest is Cary Dabney who tells us his conversion story.

Life Line Show 221: Bill Saunders

Today's guest is Bill Saunders who tells us about Americans United For Life.

Life Line Show 220: Linda King

Today's guest is Linda King who tells us about The American Heritage Girls.

Life Line Show 219: Linda Warren

Today's guest is Linda Warren who tells us about Stark County Right to Life.

Show 218: Martha Hennessy 2-28-15

Today's guest is Martha Hennessy, Granddaughter of Dorothy Day. She talks about the Catholic Worker. Their website for more information is at Catholic Worker.

Show 217: Hadley Arkes 2-21-15

Today's guest is Hadley Arkes. He talks about the Born alive infant protection act. Learn more at

Show 216: Fr Basil Nortz 2-14-15

Today's guest is Fr Basil Nortz who talks about Opus Angelorum and The St Gabriel Project. Their website is

Show 215: Sharla Cloutier 2-07-15

Today's guest is Sharla Cloutier, Vice President of The Vitae Foundation. Their website

Show 214: Jason Evert 1-31-15

Today's guest is Jason Evert on the topic of chastity. Jason's website is

Show 213: Steven Ertelt 1-24-15

Today's guest is Steven Ertelt, founder and editor of Life News.

Show 211: Nancy Brown 1-10-15

Melinda talks with Nancy Brown about GK and Francis Chesterton.

Show 210: Jeanne Monahan 1-03-15

Melinda talks with Jeanne Monahan about the annual March For Life in Washington DC.

Show 209: Ruth Institute 12-27-14

Melinda talks with Dr Jennifer Roback Morse from The Ruth Institute.

Show 208: Carol Tobias, National Right To Life 12-20-14

Melinda talks with Carol Tobias, President of National Right To Life.

Show 207: John Lillis, Lifeboat Coffee 12-13-14

Melinda talks with John Lillis about Lifeboat Coffee, America's Pro-Life Coffee Co.

Show 206: Sr Marilee, House of Loreto 12-06-14

Melinda talks with Sr Marilee, a Sister of the Congregation of the Divine Spirit about the House of Loreto.

Show 205: Sharon Deitrick, HALO Foundation 11-29-14

Melinda talks with Sharon Deitrick from the HALO Foundation.

Show 204: Dawn Milberger 11-22-14

Melinda talks with Dawn Milberger about the Abortion Survivors Network.

Show 203: Sr Cecilia, Christ the Bridegroom 11-15-14

Melinda talks with Sr Cecilia from Christ the Bridegroom Monastery in Burton Ohio.

Show 202: Melody Olson 11-08-14

Melinda talks with abortion survivor Melody Olson about her story and her blog "Speak Life and Live".

Show 201: Dr Donna Harrison 11-01-14

Melinda talks with Dr Donna Harrison from American Association of Pro-Life Obstetricians and Gynecologists.

Show 200: Catholic Charities Summit 10-25-14

Melinda talks with Carl Bako and Kelly Kaufman from Catholic Charities of Summit County.

Show 199: Ambassador Rooney 10-18-14

Melinda talks with Ambassador Francis Rooney author of The Global Vatican.

Life Line 198: Kathryn DeCapite 10-11-14

Melinda talks with Kathryn DeCapite about The World Apostolate of Fatima.

Life Line 197: Sr Mary Catharine, OP

Melinda talks with Sr Mary Catharine, OP; Vocation Directress for the Dominican Nuns of Summit New Jersey.

Life Line 196: Josh Brahm

Melinda talks with Josh Brahm, President of The Equal Rights Institute, pro-life ministry.

Life Line 195: Monica Kelsey

Melinda talks with pro-life speaker Monica Kelsey about her life story and the precious gift of life.

Life Line 193: Dominican Brothers

Melinda talks with Dominican Brothers about their call to the priesthood.

Life Line 194: Men & Women United for Life Event

Melinda talks with Judy Welsh from Men & Women United for Life, about their event featuring Chris Stefanick on September 28th & 29th.

Life Line 192: Christopher Plante

Melinda talks with Christopher Plante about the National Organization For Marriage.

Life Line 191: Opus Sanctorum Angelorum

Melinda talks with Greg Friedl and T.O. Bennett about Opus Sanctorum Angelorum.

Life Line 190: Judy Welsh

Melinda talks with Judy Welsh about Men & Women United For Life.

Life Line 189: Mary Lou Warren

Melinda talks with Mary Lou Warren about Catholic Home School Study.

Life Line 188: Brian Gail

Melinda talks with author Brian Gail about his latest book "Childless".

Life Line 187: Fr Basil Nortz

Melinda talks with Fr Basil Nortz about Opus Angelorum.

Life Line 186: Kris Anne Hall

Melinda talks with Kris Anne Hall from Liberty First

Life Line 185: Denise Leipold

Right To Life of Northeast Ohio.

Life Line 183: Denver Sallee

HELP Pro-life group from Saints Helen, Edward and Lucy in Geauga County.

Life Line 151: Ryan Bomberger

The Radiance Foundation Website

Life Line 143: Dr. Chris Seeman

Walsh University Professor of Theology

Life Line 141: Lisa Hendey

Catholic Mom dot com Website

Life Line 140: Thomas McKenna

Catholic Action For Faith And Family

Life Line 137: William May

Catholics For The Common Good Website

Life Line 123: Dr. George Delgado

Culture of Life Family Services

Life Line 114: Dale Ahlquist

The American Chesterton Society

Life Line 117: Kellie Fiedorek

Americans United for Life Website