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Anti-Catholic Myths and Lies: #1 Emperor Constantine Founded the Catholic Church

This story, most famously told by Jehovah Witnesses and Fundamentalist Protestants, came out of their necessity to support their lie that there was an apostasy in the early Church. It is their way to explain how their reform and late … Continue reading

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Daily Mass Readings and reflection for 02/09/16 from an archive of the Living Bread Radio Network.

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  • ST. APOLLONIA: FEBRUARY 9 February 9, 2016
    During the persecutions of Decius, St. Apollonia, an elderly Deaconess known for her sanctity, refused to sacrifice to idols.  An enraged mob seized her and knocked out all her teeth.  She was threatened with being burned alive in the fire they had made.  She asked for a moment to think things over.  She then broke […]